Super Junior Star Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Before and After


Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Before and After

This time boy band and girl band seems to be phenomenon culture in Asia. This fact can be seen through how many people scramble the concert tickets for watching live concert one of Korea boy band Super Junior and of the personnel named Cho Kyu-hyun whom is best known by many people as Kyuhyun. As his boy band popularity rose, he can not be separated from the gossips. The hot news is regarding his different appearance on the stage or television. Some people have found him in different appearance especially on his face. What’s wrong with his face?

 Cho Kyu-hyun was born on 3rd February 1988 and his name became popular when he and his boy band released the first single TWINS (Knock Out). And he is accused of having plastic surgery in which he was suspected of having blepharoplasty for his double eyelids look.  However those rumors are not only addressed to him but for all the members of Super Junior were also charged of having plastic surgery as Kyuhyun had. His rolling rumors that said he has been surgeon knife for his eyes was firstly known by public when he and his boy band signed contract withSM Entertainment, where as his record label was well known with the fighting against to the plastic surgery issues. But based on the consideration of his record label management, what Kyuhyun was categorized as mid plastic surgery level.

When Kyuhyun was confirmed with his Blepharoplasty surgery issues, he justified that he had such plastic surgery to perfect his eyelid look. When his fans base heard his confirmation most of them shocked and a bit disappointed regarding to his effort to make his appearance looks better. Whereas they hope all the members of Super Junior boy band as natural as possible.

Additionally, Kyuhyun plastic Surgery includingblepharoplasty has successfully changed his image as Asia ethnic in which his eyes look wider than he used to. And we believe that he is comfortable with his wide eyes look but one thing that we regret is his effort to make loose his ethnical descent. But over all his latest appearance looks so great. What do you think about Kyuhyun blepharoplasty surgery? Does he look more handsome? Feel free to share your thought!


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