Stana Katic Nose Job Before and After Photos


Stana Katic Nose Job Before and After

Stana Katic is one of the famous Serbian Canadian actress who was born on 26th April 1978, she was firstly well recognized by public when she stared the Castle TV series afterwards she expanded  her career to the other films as like Truth About Kerry, For Lovers Only, The Double, and many others. Stana began her professional career when she played film entitled Heroes before she finally signed contract with Castle television series. Stana Katic seems not to be more often exposed as other Hollywood celebrities used to. But the late news that addressed to her was that she was charged of having rhinoplasty for her nose shape. How well she looks after being under surgeon knife?

Stana Katic nose job rumors were rolling when she appeared on Castle film with different look than se used to have in her previous films. Some of her fans base found that there was something strange on her face, especially her latest nose shape which looks more refined and perfected. Based on before and after her nose job pictures, it is very visible that her old nose look like distracting and piggy in which wide, short, and round at the tip, while her latest after nose job reveals that it looks thinner, well defined, and pointed downward. Though some of her fans regret her effort to enhance her performance by means of having cosmetic surgeries for her nose shape, but some also claimed that she looks more beautiful and attractive after having nose job. How would you say for her nose job result? Did she get nose job indeed or it was only the process of aging?

However the truth of those rumors is still debatable since there is no any denial from Stana. If she really had nose job indeed, we really admired that her latest nose shape lead her to be aligned to the top of Hollywood celebrities who had been getting some rhinoplasty surgeries to enhance her appearance in public, and we would like to give a credit point for her surgeon who had made her look more attractive and younger than she used to be. What do you think about this talented actress, Stana Katic Nose Job? Feel free to share your opinions!


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TZ June 21, 2013 at 2:46 am

She actually got a nose job way before Castle. If you look at her in the episode of ER that she was in in 2005 it is clear that she has had a nose job since then.


Stana July 23, 2013 at 5:46 pm

She never admitted that she underwent nose surgery and she also hasn’t dismissed all these rumors


jane franklin February 10, 2014 at 11:50 am

I was watching an old episode of The Closer and the part of a Russian immigrant looked familiar to me even though she had a heavy Russian accent. It was her eyes that gave her away, when I checked the guest stars it was Stana this was in 2005. I told myself it could not be her because the nose was different, but it was her. She had a wonderful surgeon though, he did a beautiful job.


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