Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Before After


Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

It is a fact that most celebrities in Hollywood whom have been considered to be old have had plastic surgery procedures to keep and enhance their youthful appearance, as well Olivia Newton whom has been considerably getting elder, 64- years old. She was rumored to have multiple series of plastic surgery procedures in order to be able to look attractive and to grid the aging signs.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Did Olivia Newton Have?

There are many celebrity watchers believed that this four-time Grammy award singer has had facelift, Botox injections, facial fillers, eyelids surgery, browlift, cheek implants, lip augmentation, dermal injections, and fat grafting.

Based on the comparison between Olivia Newton John before and after plastic surgery pictures, she totally looks different. Her face apparently has no any aging signs, wrinkles, crow’s feet line, and sagging skins it likely is impacted by facelift and other facial filler injection there. If we look detail on her latest appearance, her smile looks wider as though she has undergone lip implants to obtain such smile. Meanwhile, around her neck appears to be clean and tight as if her neck skin has been pulled out through facelift as well so it does not reflect any jowls.

The shape changes did not only occur on her lips but Olivia eyes now look wider than she used to. It might have been influenced by the use of eyelids surgery which made her eyes fresh and the excess skin hanging over the upper and lower eyelids have been removed. Whereas, women in her age generally have such dropping skin around their eyes but what we see on Newton eyes, she lacked of excess skin around the eyelids.

The other parts of her face that was speculated having been altered is Olivia’s forehead which looks free from wrinkles and other lines which are usually resulted from regular Botox injection or other facial filler injection as like Juvederm, or Restylane. The use of Botox injection and dermal injection is aimed to complete her facelift and blepharoplasty in order to remove the crow’s feet around her eyes and smile lines or laugh lines at the corners of her mouth. She possibly had brow lift and laser skin treatment as well to refine the flaws and maintain her youthful appearance.

When those plastic surgery speculations were confirmed to Olivia Newton, she denied all those surgical procedures. She told that her youthful appearance is natural without any plastic surgeon’s aid. She revealed that plastic surgery will make her uncomfortable therefore she did not have any plans to enhance her appearance through aesthetic surgeries. Moreover her mother always suggested her to age gracefully and she seemed to follow her mother advice. Over all, she ensured that her good appearance was purely genetic that she got from her parents.

In conclusion, even though Olivia Newton has denied that she has facial surgery to maintain and increase her appearance in her old age but the pictures comparison revealed that she evidently had some works done on her face. In addition, some celebrity viewers assessed that her procedures of cosmetic surgery are well done except facial fillers, Botox injection, and fat grafting which has made her cheek bloating and swollen.


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