Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos


Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lark Voorhies who was born on 25th March 1974 is well recognized by worldwide as an actress. She got her fame when she was involved in Saved by the Bell sitcom in which she was portrayed as Lisa Turtle. The latest news reported that she has been rumored to engage with plastic surgery procedures and her surgery rumors are now being talked by many mass media in US. The question is whether she has plastic surgery indeed? What kinds of surgical procedures did she have?

Lark Voorhies plastic surgery rumors were firstly rolling when she was found with drastic changes on her latest appearance in curtain event. Voorhies was previously known for having bipolar syndrome disorder and drug problems but she is now charged of having some jobs done on the parts of her body in which her skin now looks a bit brighter than before whereas her skin appearance looked tanned in the past. It indicates her effort to enhance appearance through skin bleaching as it had been done by Michael Jackson. Besides skin lightening treatments she was also accused of having additional procedures to increase her youthful impression on her face throughout Botox injection which is usually used to make the skins look soft and to remove the aging signs as like wrinkles. On the other hand, based on before and after pictures comparison she also likely has facelift procedure to change her cheek to be a bit puffier. Meanwhile her eyes are seemingly a little bit pulled as if eyelift surgery worked there.

 However some people considered that Lark Voorhies plastic surgery procedures seem to be overdone so that they made Voorhies appearance looks somewhat more terrible than her appearance in the past. When those rumors were confirmed to her, she said that she did not have surgical procedures but her terrible face appearance was the impact of worse makeup.

In short, plastic surgery may serve the patients best results if it was done by certified and professional surgeons but it will be such a boomerang which every time will ruin the patients appearance and even their career, as it was experienced by Lark Voorhies who looks like to have bad plastic surgery results. She looks more horrible after having some surgical procedures. What do you think? Have her surgery procedures gone wrong?


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