Kelly Rowland Nose Job Before and After Confession


Kelly Rowland Nose Job Before and After

Kelly Rowland whose was born on 11th February 1981 is well known by public as recording artist and song writer. This actress whose complete name Kelendria Trene Kelly Rowland, is also known as dancer and host in various TV program shows, she began her professional career when she became as a stage dancer for Beyonce living concert. Afterwards she became more popular among American singers and actress managements so she became as successful woman as we see know. However her successful career in the world of entertainment must be harmed by releasing confession dealing with her change appearance. She admitted that she has done some plastic surgeries as it was reported by Vogue magazine. She said that she had plastic surgery such as breast augmentation and Buttocks surgery, what about her nose job? Is it fact or rumor?

Kelly Rowland Nose experienced little a bit changes, her nose job before and after shows that her latest nose looks more reshaped so that it looks thinner and well defined even though the change signs are not well recognized but based on her confession in Vogue magazine, it was not deniable again that she had nose job fixed.

After having analyzed each detail on her before and after nose job on those pictures, it was very clear signs that she had been under knife for reshaping her old nose which looked wide and her nasal bridge rounded. Although she did not take much change on her nose shape, it is still visible that her new nose shape looks thinner and sharp. On the other hand it was impossible if it was the illusion of professional make up. Since we know that she was one of the Hollywood actresses whose good reputation, so it seemed to be reasonable if she changed her appearance in order to have long live beauty.

In short, despite of the truth whether she really took any surgery for her different change, we really adored that Kelly Rowland appearance now looks more proportional and beautiful than before. Although she denied her nose job rumors but the most important thing is that she can live comfortable with her new appearance, and we should give much appraisal for her surgeons who has made her nose much better than before. Great job Kelly!


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