Jillian Harris Bachelorette Nose Job Before and After


Jillian Harris Bachelorette Nose Job

Bachelorette was one of the most well known reality show that was aired by ABC channel, this reality show is intended for bachelors who are looking for a bride. The Bachelorette reality show provides a romantic history for everyone who watches it and we believe that it inspires them in proposing their couples. One of the members of Bachelorette show was Jillian Harris, although she did not meet the bachelor that matched to her character but she got many things from that program. Her name became popular among the Bachelorette lovers.

Before she joined the Bachelorette program, Harris was well known as a designer, afterwards she signed contract with one of the television channels to be hostess of Love It or List It Vancouver. As she often appeared on that TV show with different appearance lately, she got many critics from her fans base since she looks different with her new face appearance which looks slimmer and her thinner nose shape.  Some people considered her different change was caused by her failed relationship with her boyfriend, Ed Swiderski, so that she felt frustrated with the situation and decided to change her appearance.

Even though there were many critics addressed to her but she seemed not to care about it because she had reasonable denial for her different appearance on her face, she broke her nose that made her difficult in breathing so that she went under knife to refine the broken nasal cartilage, while her slimmer face appearance was the result of having weight lost from tight diet. She also added that she would not take any surgery for her appearance when she is under 40 years old, but when she will be in 40 years old she will consider to have some cosmetic procedures after having deep analysis. Over all, she now feels happy what she has achieved dealing with her rhinoplasty surgery.

Over all, Jillian Harris Nose Job surgery seemed to be reasonable effort for many people who realized that having broken nose will disturb everyone life, not only their appearance change but it is also for the sake of her survival in order to be free from respiratory problems. In short, she really looks beautiful with her nose shape, although many people give their negative critics to her appearance change but we really adore her beauty. Great job Jillian!


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