Jennifer Grey Nose Job Ruined Her Career


Jennifer Grey Nose Job Before and After

Jenifer Gray life does not seem to be integral with the plastic surgery, moreover her nose job became one of the most popular failed rhinoplasty project sample for other Hollywood celebrities. So many people considered that her nose job surgery which seemed to ruin her career. Jennifer Grey is firstly well known by public when she appeared in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off film in 1980s, afterward this Amreican actress who was born on 26th March 1960 expanded her career into another film entitled Dirty Dancing which led her name became more popular in worldwide.  As the more she became popular, the more she was demanded to be perfect Hollywood celebrity. Therefore some people speculated that she had cosmetic procedures for increasing her beauty aura in her professional career however the result of her rhinoplasty seemed to be failed.

Jennifer Grey Nose Job became trending topic among the plastic surgeons and her fan base in Hollywood. Moreover she admitted and regretted that she had been under knife for nose job procedures. After having nose job, Jennifer Grey looks so different that made her often disappeared in front of the public. How well or worst did she look after having nose job till most of people considered that her nose job ruined her career?

Jennifer Grey was not only charged of having rhinoplasty project once but twice in which her first nose job surgery was considered unsuccessful and did not meet her satisfaction. so it was not longer she came back to the surgeon to refine her failed first nose job so that her appearance looks more perfect. Unfortunately her second nose job even made some people did not recognize Jenifer because her latest nose shape looked unusual. Consequently she tried to change her appearance even her name to make new image.

Jenifer also admitted that her appearance change that was caused by failed rhinoplasty project made her difficult to get a chance of casting for the new movie. And it seemed to be reasonable fact because most of her fans base and celebrities mate do not recognize her, whereas her appearance on Dirty Dancing was considered as the most successful act that she had played.

Some surgeons recommended other celebrities or for those want to change their appearance out of medical reason should have much more consideration even though rhinoplasty seems to be the common ways for celebrities who would like to change their image or even for medical reason but it must be done by deep consideration and professional surgeons in order the nose job surgery meets to the patients’ expectation. So the best way before deciding to have nose job, it will be much better to consult to your doctor whom you believe so that you will get comfortable feelings. Since if the nose job was unsuccessful done, it will make them in serious problem as what Jenifer Gray got. How would you say about Jenifer nose job?


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