Donna Mills Before and After Plastic Surgery


Donna Mills Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Every woman must have longed to look beautiful every chance, particularly Hollywood celebrities who are required to always look good in public. Did you know that not all celebrities go through the usual way in taking care of their beauty? Some celebrities do it in a unique and even extreme way. There are many methods are taken by the women who want to look beautiful such as body treatments, use of cosmetics, and even to plastic surgery which now becomes a trend among Hollywood artists, including Donna Mills who is well known as actress and film producer. She looks very pretty and graceful in the age which is arguably no longer young. Did she really have some kinds of surgical procedures to enhance her youthful appearance?

Donna Mills’s plastic surgery procedures were considered including Botox and facial filler injections with the result that she has smooth face skins as if it does not have any aging signs, wrinkles and sagging skin around her face. Based on before after picture comparison she possibly had skin laser as well to perfect her subtle face skin. As it was confirmed byDr. Anthony Youn who has been popular in treating celebrity plastic surgery procedures, he said that Donna face appearance is free from wrinkles and so smooth as if Botox and other facial fillers have significant role in making her look younger and fresher than her 71s year-old age. He ensured that most of old women whose the same age with her are mostly impossible to have smooth and fresh face as Mills had. The surgeon revealed that her transformations are not enough from the use of filler injection but she apparently had additional procedures done as like facelift which can be seen through her tightened skin around her face and jaw line. Dr. Youn convinced that she also apparently had eyelid lifts and fat injections. He claimed that Mill’s appearance as one of the best example of Hollywood celebrities’ plastic surgery.

However when those cosmetic procedures were confirmed to Donna Mills, she denied that her beauty and youthful appearance was influenced by plastic surgery procedures. She convinced the viewers that did not want to look weird caused by bad surgery procedures results. Although she had seemingly understood that to maintain her teenager look is mostly impossible for the women.  On the other hand she revealed that she obtained gorgeous look through having a free sugar diet, exercising, and free from pressure.

Over all, even though she has denied that she has some surgical procedures but based on the picture comparison we are strongly sure that she had some beauty enhancements on her face. Hence she looks younger with smooth face appearance as though it has no any wrinkles and other aging signs. What do you think?


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Drew June 13, 2013 at 11:51 pm

I don’t believe that Donna Mills has had any kind of plastic surgery whatsoever except perhaps- and only perhaps- some Botox. She always wears very heavy foundation because she understands how it reflects the light and appears on camera, but if she’s seen in the right light, she’s very wrinkled. I think that she’s a naturally pretty woman who’s always been comfortable with her age. She knows how to look glamorous, but she doesn’t resort to any extremes to achieve it.


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