Did Tiny Cottle Have Too Much Plastic Surgery?


Tiny Cottle Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tiny Cottle was not likely able to be separated from the plastic surgery rumors, this singer who was famous in 1990s was accused of addicting in surgery procedures so some of her fans wanted her to stop her habitual. In her age 37 years old she had undergone some surgeries from the top of her head till her foot.  So what kinds of plastic surgery did she have for her transformation?

Tiny Cottle who was born on 14th July 1975 and her name became popular in public when she was joined in Xscape female group vocal. And her name became more and more popular when she got engaged and marriage with American rapper T.I who led her achieved many awards including Grammy Award. Since she appeared more often in public, some of people found much transformation on her body.

Based on Tiny Cottle plastic surgery before and after, she seemed to have much transformation for parts of her body. The pictures revealed that her nose has undergone some changes in which her old looks wide and short but on the contrary her latest nose shape seems to be smaller in which indicated of rhinoplasty surgery overdone on her nose. While her face was also noticed to have been injected by some fillers injection including Botox, her lips were also apparently experienced to be augmented so it looks unusual. The transformation did not look likely to stop on her face but she was also charged of having breast implants and liposuction. Meanwhile her soft stomach was considered as the impact of tummy tuck. On the back part, her butt looked likely to be augmented as if there’s no limbs that escaped from doctor knife touches, nearly all parts of her body underwent a transformation with the help of a plastic surgeon.

Tiny plastic surgery rumors were firstly rolling when she was caught having vacation on beach then followed by her involvement in filmmaking The Family Hustle in 2009, her appearance was much more different with her previous appearance when she was active in her female group vocal, Xscape. In that film her body appearance looked so bad because of too much surgery procedures.

Over all, after having looked up the before and after pictures that  indicate her in plastic surgery procedures made us believe that she had too much surgery procedures including rhinoplasty, fillers injection, Botox, lips augmentation, liposuction, and breast implants as if she has been addicted unfortunately her surgery procedures made her appearance looks weird. She looks more natural when she was active in her group vocal.


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