Did Steve Martin Get Plastic Surgery Procedures?


Plastic surgery now apparently does not always refer to the women but men also have possibilities to do such thing. As it was experienced by Steve Martin who is well known by worldwide as an actor and comedian, he got his worldwide fame through his script writing in The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour comedy show. Afterwards he more often appeared in variety tonight talk show. Since his frequent in numerous talk show with different, most people considered that the actor has under knife for appearance enhancements. Did Steve Martin have plastic surgery?

Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Before and After

This 67 years old comedian is well known as successful actor, one of his best acting can be seen in detective comedy film, The Pink Panther 2 and many other films. Even though he has seemed to be an old actor and comedian but he is still be able to attract his fans base through his best acting and some jokes. But the most controversy referring to him is not about his role and jokes in entertainment industry but it is related to his appearance. Though he has been rough 67 years old but he still looks younger than he should be, therefore some people believed that his youthful look was resulted through some plastic surgery procedures.

When the rumors of Steve Martin’s plastic surgery were confirmed to some surgeons as like Dr. Paul Nassif, he said that Martin had possibilities to have some surgical procedures done on his face even though it is minor procedures. His face is likely to have some touches through facelift and Botox injections in order to keep his gorgeous appearance as he had when he was young. Meanwhile Dr. Salzhauer has different assessments concerning with Martin plastic surgery procedures. He said that the comedian should not have any kinds of surgery procedures including Botox injection because being a comedian is demanded to have full of expression while delivering some jokes in front of the audiences. As it is known that one of the use of regular Botox injection will make face do not have any kinds of expressions, and for that reason the surgeon did not believe that Steve had some works done on his face.

However when those surgery procedures rumors were asked to Steve Martin, he did not either confirm or deny those rumors. Based on the pictures comparison between before and after photos, it can be seen that there is subtle signs indicated him having cosmetic surgeries on his face. But to be honest, we could not say that it was as the effect of surgical procedures, it can be possible the result of photo editing effects.

In addition, since there are no evidently signs referred to Steve Martin plastic surgery, he seemed to have graceful aging process because he still looks younger though he has been an old actor, 61 year-old age. However if he did have some kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures, they must have been formed well and softly since the signs of his plastic surgery are mostly invisible on his face. What about your ideas? Do you agree with us?


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