Did Nicki Minaj Have Plastic Surgery?


Nicki Minaj who was called as “Barbie” by some of her fans base is best known as hip-hop singer and television personality. This Barbie actress was recently reported to have plastic surgery to enhance her beauty in entertainment industry and it is not apparently secret anymore that many Hollywood celebrities did such thing for her popularity and having gorgeous look. But how far is the truth of Nicki Minaj plastic surgery news?

Nicki Minaj was born on 8th December 1982 and her name began to interest public when she successfully released her debut album Pink Friday which placed on the top 200 Billboard charts. Afterwards she expanded her career into television as hostess. Since she often appears on television, many people are familiar with her face so that if there is a little change on her appearance, it will be sooner known by her fans. And now she got some critics from her fans regarding to her appearance change when she was appearing in American Idol competition as the judge. She was charged of having plastic surgery to enhance her appearance.

Nicki Minaj Before and After Rhinoplasty

Based on Nicki before and after pictures, there are a lot of changes on her face. Her nose seemed to experience to have rhinoplasty surgery on it so that her latest nose looks thinner and sharper, whereas her old nose looked wide and short. The rumors of her surgery procedures was not quite enough for her nose shape but she was also accused of having buttock augmentation in which her latest butt seems to be smaller than it used to be.

How Did Nicki Minaj Respond Toward Her Plastic Surgery Rumors?

When she was confirmed by Hollywood reporters, Extratv, she said that what they saw on her face was the illusion of make up. She even compared to RuPaul nose shape, she explained that everyone can have nose shape as he has by implementing high technique of make up as like contouring. However she did not confirm her Gluteoplasty rumors. She just stated that she did not want to spend her energy to respond against the heaters of her appearance, as it was quoted by Renee Bargh correspondent.

We might not be able to help to explain further about her nose and butt look, but based on the before and after picture may have been able to describe whether she really had nose job and liposculpture procedure. We just noticed that her appearance was not apparently natural.

In addition, out of the truth and wrong validity of Nicki Minaj plastic surgery, her latest nose shape now looks thinner and sharper. Meanwhile her butt that was considered as the result of buttock augmentation now looks a little bit smaller. But over all her appearance was so charming so that most of her fans call her as like Barbie. We believe that some of you agree that she has been under knife for her different look but we also convince that some of you disagree that she has surgery procedures. Feel free to share your comments!


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