Did Marlo Thomas Have Multiple Nose Job?


Marlo Thomas  Before After Nose Job

Marlo Thomas who was born on 21st November 1937 is well recognized by public as actress and producer, she also often involved in charity program. As she often appeared in the public as social activist made people more familiar with her face so if any different change on her parts of body, they would it know as soon as possible, as well as her nose shape appearance. Many people found that there was something wrong on her face, it sounded as failed nose job which looked irregular and unusual. How did she actually look after having nose job?

Before she was found in changing her nose, this American actress who was firstly know with her best acting in Jenny film, was firstly known for having other surgery procedures as like Botox, collagen, forehead lift, and face lift. Based on Pictures of Marlo Thomas before and after nose job, it was very visible unsuccessful nose job signs, especially on the nasal bridge which looks bigger and looks like conceited than she used to. Her latest nose shape also looked like experienced sculptured more than once so her nose shape now looks irregular, false, and disproportionate to her face construction. Dr. Michael Salzhauer, Miami plastic surgeon, confirmed that the irregular and unnatural nose shape as it was seen on Marlo Thomas nose was the effect of multiple nose surgeries.

In addition, many people may not care about her multiple nose job and think that her nose is over all in acceptable shape, but to be honest we consider that her rhinoplasty was not well done so made her nose looks more weird, unnatural, and it has irregular shape. Since there is no any official denial and statement concerning with the reasons why she often went to plastic surgeon for her multiple nose jobs, we still wait for your opinion about Marlo Thomas nose job. How would you say for her nose job surgeries? Feel free to share your ideas!


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