Did Lindsay Price Get Plastic Surgery?


Lindsay Price Plastic Surgery Before and After

Most of ordinary women and Hollywood celebrities consider that plastic surgery is very affordable. So it is not wonder if some of them dare to bet for having surgical surgery, Lindsay Price as well. Lindsay was firstly known when she was reprised to be one of the actresses on television soap opera entitled The Bold and the Beautiful. This television actress who was born on 6th December 1976 is recently reported to have plastic surgery in order to enhance her beauty.

In her 31 years old she was accused of having undergone some surgical procedures on her eyelids, nose, and jaw. Even though it seemed to be hard effort to make the comparison between her old picture and the latest one because the effect of lighting and make up also influenced much for her appearance but after finding and comparing  Lindsay Price plastic surgery before and after pictures we found that there was something strange or change on her face. She apparently had Blepharoplasty which changed her eyelids as if it is like Caucasian eyes while her jaw also experienced to be augmented because her latest jaw looks more quadrilateral than before as though it was the impact of implants. On the other hand her latest nose shape indicated clearly that she had rhinoplasty surgery in which it reshaped her nose shape to be thinner, straighter, and narrowed nasal bridge whereas her old nose was seemingly short, bulbous at the tip with wide nasal bridge.

Even though those rumors are still unconfirmed but most of people believed that she had been under surgeon knife to enhance her beauty appearance that derived her to be western look image. However if she did have plastic surgery, she could be aligned into the memberships of Asian celebrities who have altered parts of their body to look a little bit more westernized, as Miss Korean 2006, Honey Lee, did.

In short, since there is no any official statement and denial from Lindsay Price, the truth of her plastic surgery rumors are still debatable. In spite of her rumors truth, we really admire that Lindsay appearance looks so natural as if she has not jobs done including nose job, eyelids surgery, and jaw implant on her face.


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