Did Delta Burke Have Plastic Surgery?


Delta Burke Plastic Surgery Before and After

Delta Burke who was born on 30th July 1956 is best known as actress, comedian, and producer by many people. Her name became more popular in our ear since she played in American television series, Designing Women in which she was portrayed as Suzanne Sugarbaker. As her popularity rose, she often appeared on television and various films so that make people are more familiar with her face. However they recently wondered toward the drastically change on her face as if she was not Delta Burke whom they knew before. What was going on her face? so that her appearance was much more different than she sued to in her past life time.

Some her fans base claimed that she a lot of surgery procedures that made her appearance changed much even she was not recognized as their idol. Some sources claimed that she would like to change her old appearance with the latest one but unfortunately it was considered going wrong. She seemingly did not meet her expectation regarding her plastic surgery effort. If it was seen through the before and after pictures, her face looks wider than before and she seemed to have some injections on her face including Botox and facial fillers which was considered to be failed so that her face has definitely different shape. Burke eyes were also recessed and beadlike, as if her face was blow up and looks like swollen.

However, based on her history life, she was reported of having, mental problems, diabetic, and a steroid at the past so that makes her appearance now looks weird. On the other hand, some also believed that she had a lot of facial fillers as like cheek implants, chin augmentation, and her face also was claimed having been facelift but they are gone wrong so they made her face seemed to be chubby. Since there has no been any denial and statement from her, we are just able to wonder that she had bad plastic surgery procedures.

Over all, beyond the truth and false of her plastic surgery rumors, her old appearance seems to make her more gorgeous than her latest appearance. If she really had plastic surgery, we would say that she had more than once so made her face totally different from her past one. On the other hand if she really had medical problems as like mental problems, diabetic, and a steroid it may the cause of her latest face appearance. What do you think about her face change? Did she have plastic surgery indeed or it is just of her medical problems? Feel free to share your comments!


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