Did Christina Aguilera Have Nose Job?


Christina Aguilera Nose Job Before and After

Rhinoplasty procedures do not seem to be inseparable from the glitter of the celebrities’ life since it gives much contribution to their appearance. Moreover for those who often appear on television, stage, and wide scene as like films, they would do everything for having perfect appearance, as well Christina Aguilera whose glamour lifestyle.

Having glamour lifestyle seemed to demand this America singer, who was born on 18th December1980, to make unsightly eye appearance, since her effort to have perfect appearance on the stage, she was often caught going to see the surgeon. so it is not wonder if she was charged of having some surgery procedures since she has soft change on her nose shape in which cosmetic surgeon toke off little bump at her tip which looked rounded and made her nasal bridge narrower so that Aguilera nose represents her perfect and natural appearance. Many people are sure that she had more than one plastic surgery procedures during her career, such as breast implants, lips injection, liposuction, and the last is Christina Aguilera nose job.

The change on her nose can be seen through comparing her nose job before and after photos and look whether there is change on her nose shape or it is just the make up illusion.  Dr. Tony Youn confirmed that in Christina Aguilera nose job before and after photos, it is signed that her new nose shape looks slimmer with smaller tip and her nasal bridge were narrowed so that make it more pointed. On the contrary, her old nose looked little bit wide and short with wide nasal bridge.

In short, out of the right and false for her nose job rumor, we are really amazed with her new appearance that makes her look more natural and charming with her thinner and pointed nose shape. If she really had her nose refined, we would like to say great job Christina.


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