Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures


Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Everyone must have been familiar with the rising star, Beyonce who is best known as an American singer, songwriter, and actress. The latest news revealed that she has reportedly additionally plastic surgery for her different appearance whereas she had been previously accused of having nose job in the past. The big question is what the differences are except her nose appearance? And did she really have some additional works done for her different appearance?

Beyonce whose complete name Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is rumored having lip reduction, breast implant, liposuction, Botox injection, and skin whitening. In her 31-year-old –age her face does not appear having any wrinkles as though Botox injection has great role to make her face looks so smooth while her lip now also seems to be thinner as if she has made her lip reduced because she was previously known having big and fuller lip. However, it is still debatable since the different appearance on her lip can be obtained from make up illusion. If we look deeper on Beyonce plastic surgery before and after pictures comparison, the rising star likely had breast augmentation as well. Her boob now looks bigger than she used to have before. But there are many disputes regarding to her different cups size, some people said that her bust appearance looks natural and it was not gained through breast implant. Anyway if it now looks bigger, they ensured that she has gained additional weight. However, not a few of them also claimed that her bigger and rounded cup size was the impact of boob job which has considerably made her breast more stand out after having weight lost and she also possibly had liposuction on butt, stomach, and thighs.

When Beyonce plastic surgery rumors were confirmed to some surgeons as like Dr. Anthony Youn, he said that she evidently had a breast implant which has changed her aura appearance in which she now looks more beautiful and sexier with busty breast that does not seem to be overdone but her cup size looks natural. In addition, the dermatologist consultant in London Dermatology Center, Dr Sunil Chopra, added that she did not only have boob job but she apparently had skin-lightening treatments as like the use of hydroquinone and kojic acid so that it made her skin now looks brighter than before.

In conclusion, there are many disputes concerning with Beyonce plastic surgery rumors but in spite of that case, we notice that she looks great, beautiful, and sexier. If she really had been under surgeon knife for her appearance transformation, her surgical procedures must have been formed softly and by a certified surgeons so the remaining scars of her aesthetic surgery is not noticeable. Anyway, Beyonce may be one of the best examples of good plastic surgery for Hollywood actresses.

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