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Catherine Bell plastic Surgery Pictures

Catherine Bell who was born on 14th August 1968 is best known by American people as an actress. Her name firstly became popular when she was portrayed as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in television show, JAG. And then her name got more popular when she played in Army Wives series in which she was depicted as Denise Sherwood. Catherine is recently being reported and talked by many people for having plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. The big question is what kinds of surgical procedures that she has done?

Judging by Catherine Bell before and after plastic surgery pictures comparison, she apparently had face lift and rhinoplasty. As the result, her face now looks free from wrinkles whereas her age now has been more than 44 years old. Meanwhile, her nose now also looks thinner, more toned, too pinched at tip, and her nostrils now appear to be high tipper and slimmer. some her fans and celebrity viewers assessed that if she really had nose job, she will not take much advantage from her cosmetic surgery because she has been a beautiful woman without it.

If we look at detail on her latest appearance, Bell’s eyelids now have changed as well in which her bag under her eyelids was likely removed and again a lot of people say that her eyelids surgery is futile. Hence they claimed that her newest appearance got worse and both of her nose job and eyelids surgery are apparently useless because they did not give her much advantage even her fans noted that her previous appearance better than after having such procedures of cosmetic surgery.

However, when Catherine Bell was confirmed to make some clarification regarding to the rumors saying that she has had plastic surgery procedures, she did not clearly admitted or denied that she had some jobs done on her face. She just revealed that she now possesses a better shape and it seems to be very contradictive to what her fans and other celebrity watchers considered.

In short, even though Catherine has not clearly stated whether she has had plastic surgery or she has not but people mostly believed that she has been under surgeon’s knife with the result that her appearance now looks weird. They regretted to what she has done because she previously looked beautiful but she now looks awful.

What do you think about Catherine Bell plastic surgery? Did she appear in better shape or on the contrary? Feel free to share your comments to us!


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tim July 10, 2013 at 8:32 am

She looked better before when she was on Jag. Her hair was a nice light brown to match her eyes and now she has long dark brown hair which is too long. I didn’t now about the plastic surgery. Her looks were 100 percent better before. Why do Celebs mess with their looks when it was the before looks that got them where they are today?


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